Two locations have been an obligatory visit for Falco when he was in Vienna.
At the beginning he went directly into our Marchfelderhof, where he ordered the roasted duck, without looking at the menu. Be that in a sociable group, or with his beloved mum, for a mother-son date. Mostly Falco visited us with an attractive female companion. Every time at the same table. A separated booth, with a red velvet-curtain, for intimate conversations. Nowadays, this exact booth, is one of the most popular tables in our restaurant. Meanwhile it is decorated with numerous pictures from his Marchfelderhof visits, but there is also a glass cabinet with a lot of souvenirs. You can discover his belts, ties, bracelets, T-Shirts, and a lot more. Thankfully his mother provided all these special belongings for us!
There are countless stories about Falcos visits, but of course they are all top secret.
After a brilliant dinner, Falcos night was not over, he always went to his second location, his favourite club the U4.

Pope Johannes Paul II.

For the polish president Józef Cyrabkiewicz, it was always very important, to travel in a black limousine with a chauffeur, no matter if he travelled in private or in a diplomatic mission. Every time he visited Austria, it was his wish to dine at Marchfelderhof and sit at his favourite table. At one of his numerous visits, he told us that he is going to bring the archbishop from Krakow. He would bet his limousine and his chauffeur that he is going to be the next pope!

A few years later, – pope Johannes Paul I. has just died in his 33rd year of being pope and the cardinals have just been ordered to Rome. At that time, we got a call from the polish office of the president: Józef Cyrabkiewicz will visit us next week, of course with his limousine and his Chauffeur. This time he will finally bring, as promised, the archbishop of Krakow Karol Wojtyla, on their way to Rome. We welcomed them with a red carpet, music and everything you can think of. After the meal our house-owner Gerhard Bocek, had a nice conversation with him and wished him luck for the upcoming pope election.

A week later the new pope was elected. And Marchfelderhof-Host Gerhard Bocek was on cloud nine: a few days before he shook the hand of no other than pope Johannes Paul II!!

Tokio Hotel

After their legendary concert in Vienna, Tokio Hotel travelled to Deutsch-Wagram to eat at Marchfelderhof. Before their visit, we had to sign a very long contract to confirm that a lot of things are not going to happen. These things were: no autograph hunters, no press, no TV, no videos, no viewers, a separate room. On the way to the toilet, they do not want to encounter with any other guests, and no other “god knows what”.
To accomplish all of these tasks, they provided 15 strict Bodyguards in our house.

Despite these requirements, it was an amazing and unforgettable party. They celebrated until the early morning hours. The band colleagues Bill, Tom and Gustav served their bassist Georg, a giant birthday cake with 19 candles whole they sang happy birthday.

But there was one final request: Before they went home, the band asked “Is there a chance to get a picture on the legendary Marchfelderhof-Celebrity-Picture-Wall?”

With pleasure we fulfilled their wish…

Liz Taylor

Sunday noon in May: a call from an agency: “We are coming with 30 to 40 guests plus 10 bodyguards for lunch today!” – What was is about? – LIZ TAYLOR!
Quick shock: We were completely sold out! What did we do? We had to ask some of our regular guests if they could come a bit later and thankfully they understood. So far so good. The lunch went as planned. Everything was forbidden by the management: no autographs, no pictures, no entry in our guestbook. Liz was surrounded by securities and accomplished by two of our waiters.

Two days later, at 5PM Liz Taylor sat unrecognized at one of our tables. She came for dinner with her husband, the secretary of the navy Warner. During the evening, some guests went to Liz to talk to her, take pictures or get an autograph. Absolutely no problem! No bodyguards! No manager! Nobody…

In the next years Liz used to visit us as much as possible. Every single time, she was the most humble and charming person ever! By the way, she always ate our famous spareribs!
We were the first and only Spareribs restaurant in Austria back then…