Songs guest!

These menus are „just“ suggestions from our chef cook! Of course, you can change the menu if you want to change some dishes or if you have any other wishes.

The ALL-INCLUDED PRICE is for an event that lasts max. 6 hours.
If your event is going to last a bit longer, we are sure that we’re going to find a convenient solution!

Your celebration is going to be prepared carefully!
We are planning the staff roaster and order the necessary groceries and drinks on time. Please announce the actual guest number, at least 24 hours before your event!

We ask for your understanding,
that we have to charge a part of our fix costs, for the guests who are not appearing.

If your agreed guest number reduces to more than 15%, we subject to change the arrangement of the agreed table or room. We will reserve you a new arrangement for the new number of guests.

The payment is directly after your event.
A deposit is not necessary! It’s possible to pay cash, with debit card, Visa or Mastercard.

Children can choose from our kids menu and pay 15,90 including soft drinks!!

Italian actor
Bud Spencer



Let also there, where already emperors and
Kings celebrated, rise an unforgettable celebration!

We are happy to serve these MENUS from 10 guests!
from 41,90!!!
THE PARTYIDEA for your next event!

The surprise event for your guest of honour – the Marchfelderhof Surprise-Party

The idea is very simple – but effective!

It takes place like this:
1 Step
All of the guests are arriving 30 minutes before the beginning of the event.
2 Step
The guest of honour does NOT know that there is any plan of a party. They just think it is a dinner for two or three. They will be seated at a small table.
3 Step
3. After a while, our restaurant manager is coming to the table and tells them that there was a misunderstanding and that they are at the wrong table. So he will bring them to the right one.
4 Step
4. Door opens, dark room, clapping, live music – and all the guests are singing
5 Step
5. An unforgettable evening has just begun!


Breughel Schänke
20 guests
Schlosshofer Zimmer
25 guests
Alte Kaminstube
35 guests
Erzherzog Carl-Zimmer
40 guests
50 guests
Gobelin Saal
90 guests
Kronprinz R. Zimmer
45 guests
Kaiser Zimmer
43 guests
summer only
50 guests